Myrra Hixson Model

She grew up in Boulder, Colorado, she started out in the industry at age 5 by joining my first acting group. She started off by auditioning for smaller parts in plays to being given the lead roles, because of her experience and talent. That was also when she got into dance. First it was just Ballet and Jazz then it was pointe and competitions. She continued dancing till she was 18 and modeling became her full time focus. At age 15 she was scouted at a mall by a talent and modeling agency, Barbizon. She went through modeling and acting school classes there for a year, and then she was signed to their mother agency, Southwest Modeling and Talent Agency. They helped her grow her career and give her the reaches to walk multiple times in Los Angeles Fashion week. They also helped get her local modeling jobs around Colorado. However when she turned 19 she started to out grow them. She wanted her career to go in a direction that the agency did not support so they parted ways. They had a strict "no nude" work rule, but that was the path she was wanting to follow. And once she started doing nude work she couldn't stop. She slowly fell in love with her body and the beauty of nudity! Now she shoots anything from fashion fully clothed to erotic nude and fetishes, as well as couples work with her husband and also male model! As she has grown in her modeling career, she was able to become an artist in a way she never knew was real. She loves getting to create beautiful works of art with her body! Its a dream come true! So if you're looking for a fun creative model, look no further! Contact her today to set up a shoot!

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