• Myrra

Model Life

Being a model isn't easy by any means. I stress, I lose track of time, and I am always forgetting things! My life is full of ups and downs, photoshoots take time and so much planning. Everyone wants a piece of you but there's only so much time in the day. I spend too much time getting ready and way too much time obsessing over the little details that only I notice. If only I listened to my husband when he says "stop honey, you look perfect." But I see that tiny little mess up in my eye makeup and I have to start all over again! I struggle with the reality that I'm not perfect. I have always wanted to be, hasn't everyone? But for me, my beauty is all that I have. It's the one thing I always knew I had. Being a model is hard. My self confidence gets knocked down a lot, but I keep going and that's what is important. Getting back up and saying 'I can do this" every day, every morning, every time you fall down.... Now that's courage. I strive everyday to be better than who I was yesterday, and sometimes I fail. But then I realize I have a hand to help me up, my amazing husband, who without him I wouldn't be the woman I am today. It's never a bad idea to ask for help. Just remember beauty is everywhere look in the mirror!


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