• Myrra

Traveling Dreams Come True

Where to start....

This past June I was able to take my modeling to the next level and start traveling across the country! Not only have I been to 35 states in 5 months, but I have also had a lot of amazing things happen along the way! Like my beautiful puppy lily who is featured on my Facebook page constantly! She's a model already! We found lily on the side of the road in Michigan when we pulled over because our car was making a funny sound. It was destiny if you believe in that which I do. Anyways we heard her crying and turned off the car and found her off the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. We took her to the vet and they said she was starved and covered in fleas and about 8 weeks old. We got her taken care of and took her in as part of our family. She's been an amazing addition to our family. Besides my puppy, modeling across the US has been incredible! I have been able to meet some very amazing people along the way and had some amazing experiences! From California to Maine I have seen it all it seems. I look forward to the rest of the adventures we have planned the rest of the year and next year. Being a traveling model has opened my eyes to so many beautiful places across the US. My personal favorite thing to do is stop at all of the little mom and papa shops that are along the roads we drive on. They always have the best food and souvenirs to get. I always plan my trips to have fun mixed in with them otherwise whats the point? Why drive if we aren't stopping all the time and wondering around through forests for no reason but that they look beautiful! I love my life and I love what I do. Its all about finding the necessary balance in everything you do. I found mine.


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